Taking a Helicopter Tour: What You Need to Know


If you haven’t tried taking a helicopter tour, you should try one as soon as possible! Flying high through the clouds and observing the land and waters below is something you’d want to experience unless you’re afraid of heights. Taking such a tour will allow you to gaze upon the magnificence of our world, the development of the cities, the beauty of mountains and valleys, and the brilliance of the azure seas. You’ll view the world differently after taking a helicopter trip, and that’s a good thing.

Just like Grow For 420’s buying guide for grow lights, we also have this guide to help you enjoy your first tour. Here are the tips you have to know:

Reserve early.

Helicopter tours are extremely popular especially during summer, which is why you need to make an early reservation. Make a call and reserve your spots. If you can’t make it on time, reschedule your tour and take it the next day.


Dress properly.

Don’t wear a dress for goodness’ sake! Wear long pants and a shirt with long sleeves. You might want to wear a light jacket if you’re going to take the trip during fall or spring. Of course, if it’s during winter, don’t forget your winter cap, coat, and gloves. Don’t wear a scarf, a visor, a hat, a bandanna, or a headband. Make sure you’re wearing shoes that are secured, and not flip-flops or sandals. Tie your hair if it’s long, and remember that bringing a purse or a bag isn’t a good idea.

Show up on time.

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Ensure that you’ll arrive at the heliport early. You still need time to check in and get set up. Don’t ignore the pre-flight information you’ll receive. The pilot will be the one to explain how to board and exit the helicopter, where you’re supposed to sit, where the medical kit is placed, and what you should do in case there’s an emergency. Listen carefully to avoid any problems during the flight.

Don’t be afraid to cancel the tour.

It’s all right to cancel the tour if there’s heavy rain or snow, powerful winds, a severe storm, or thick fog. Reschedule and take the trip on another day when it’s safe or request for a refund.


Lastly, don’t forget to have fun! A tour like this is expensive, so make sure you observe all there is to see when you’re up there. Make the moment count!

Here’s a video that will certainly prompt you to take a tour the soonest time possible: