Things You Can Do In A Sawmill


Who says you can’t have fun in sawmills?

Just like any other recreational parks, today’s sawmills are now considered landmarks and places to be if you want to experience something new. Aside from that, sawmills are great places for you to learn more about the rich history and the vibrant culture of your locale and its people.

Moreover, here are some things you can do in a sawmill:

  • Meet new people in a unique way. For others, meeting new people only involves shaking hands and saying hi to another person. In a sawmill, meeting new people involves getting to know them well by seeing how they live as sawyers and how they work on different kinds of wood products. In short, you will get to see firsthand how the sawmill industry truly makes a difference – not just for people within a locale, but also for those who are depending on the industry’s finished works.
  • See and experience for yourself how lumber is harvested, processed, and eventually turned into beautiful wood products. You will not just see how lumber is made into beautiful wood products, but also experience it for yourself. From the moment a big tree is cut down into logs, how it’s brought for production, how it’s cut into different wood sizes, how it’s used for different purposes, and how the wood product is finished, you will be guided by professional sawyers into doing all these with your own hands and more.

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  • Learn more about the sawmill industry’s history and culture through exhibits. Ever wondered how the sawmill industry came to be in your locale, nationally, and internationally? Who founded it? What kind of challenges the owner has to go through in order to keep the sawmill operating until now? Learn more about a sawmill’s history and culture by visiting their exhibits, such as those found in The Sawmill Museum at Clinton, Iowa. Even more so, you will also learn that the sawmill industry is more than just cutting down trees for wood products.
  • Explore, camp, hike, and have scenic views of nearby bodies of water. While other sawmills are still limited to field trips and exclusive tours, some are now providing outdoor activities such as camping and hiking. This way, people will not only get to learn more about the sawmill industry, but also enjoy scenic views without going too far in their locale. It also makes people – not just tourists, but also those working in sawmills – realize that the sawmill industry also cares about Mother Nature, despite the belief of others.

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