5 of the World’s Best Helicopter Tours

The Fjords

A helicopter tour takes your adventure trip to whole new heights – literally and figuratively. It not only gives you a bird’s eye view of the majestic scenery below. It also allows you to see more of the lay of the land that you would otherwise miss when you keep your feet on the ground. Helicopter adventures likewise bring you to inaccessible places or those that may be too difficult or dangerous to traverse on foot. If you are thinking of giving aerial tours a try, here are some of the world’s best helicopter adventure trips you should add to your list.

Grand Canyon, USA
Grand Canyon
The Grand Canyon is one of the world’s seven natural wonders. No photograph will be able to do justice to the magnificence and breathtaking beauty of this vast place. Covering 1,217,403 acres, its scale alone makes it impossible to see a huge portion of the land, the deep canyon, and the awe-inspiring attractions – from the most popular to the least trodden paths that may hide amazing sights. This makes it one of the most idyllic destinations for a helicopter adventure that will give you an unimpeded view of the stunning sight below.

Great Barrier Reef, Australia
Great Barrier Reef
The Great Barrier Reef is also one of the seven natural wonders and the largest coral reef system in the world. An aerial view provides you with a better perspective of how vast and wondrous the entire natural structure really is. It is also a great way to see the stunning waters and perhaps get a glimpse of some of the many marine creatures that inhabit the area.

Nā Pali Coast, Kauai, Hawaii
Nā Pali Coast
Nā Pali Coast is synonymous with adventure. Its breathtaking beauty is difficult to capture in words. To see it is a sublime experience many of which get to experience by taking on the challenging kayak route along the coast. Some adventurous souls hike on trails with diverse and often difficult terrain. But if you want to see more of the stunning Nā Pali Coast, a helicopter view gives you a chance to see more of its jewels – from The Cliffs at Kalalau Valley and the waterfalls at Hanakoa among many other breathtaking sights.

Niagara Falls, New York
Niagara Falls NY
For a spectacular view of Niagara Falls in New York, you might want to consider booking that helicopter ride. Feast your eyes on the mesmerizing sight of the American Falls, Bridal Veil Falls, and Horseshoe Falls that comprise the Niagara Falls.

The Fjords, Norway
The Fjords
On board a helicopter, you can take your fill of the breathtaking sights of stunning mirror-like waters, spectacular landscape, and picturesque villages among many other wonderful sights. The fjords of Norway are among the country’s must-see attractions. Western Norway is home to fjords that are on the UNESCO World Heritage Site list like Geirangerfjord and the Nærøyfjord.

What To Do On Your Next Adventure


Unsure what to do on your next adventure, especially since the heat is really on nowadays?

Here are some tips and ideas for you:

Go to a woodworking camp.

It’s just like camping with a tent on nature parks, but only more fun and more challenging. Alone, woodworking is something usually done by those in the woodworking industry. Mixed with camping however, it becomes something even kids will have fun doing. Expect to do fun activities such as carving and whittling on a long picnic table, as well as using the right kind of tools and equipment properly on a wide grass field, with both kids and kids-at-heart.

Gather materials and tools for your new house project.

It’s one thing to shop for clothes and grocery items, but it’s another thing to gather materials and tools for your next house project. It will be the kind of adventure you’ll definitely look forward to, since house repair or house renovation materials and tools aren’t usually found in just one place – just like when you’re looking to make your basement flood-free with a sump pump. While at it, you can even go on road trips and a whole lot of sightseeing.

Roam around the city with your bicycle.

Make your next adventure fun and unusual with only a bicycle as transportation. Roam around the city with your bicycle. Delight yourself with the unique experience of going somewhere by yourself.  Enjoy the scenic views. Feel the momentary breeze. Most of all, let yourself fall in love more with the city you’re in. And when you’ve taken everything in, you can move on to another city – to cherish more experiences for a lifetime.

Hike on a nearby trail with your dog.

Level up the experience of walking dogs by hiking on a nearby trail – and yes, with your own dog. You will not only get yourself healthy and fit, but also get your pet even more active and more conditioned. Aside from that, it’s a great way to bond with your pet – even make him or her feel like someone you can truly depend on, no matter what happens in life. Moreover, both of you will get closer to nature – seeing and experiencing firsthand what Mother Nature has to offer in the best way possible.

Do you know any other tips and ideas when going on adventures? Share them with us on the comments section below!

Things You Can Do In A Sawmill


Who says you can’t have fun in sawmills?

Just like any other recreational parks, today’s sawmills are now considered landmarks and places to be if you want to experience something new. Aside from that, sawmills are great places for you to learn more about the rich history and the vibrant culture of your locale and its people.

Moreover, here are some things you can do in a sawmill:

  • Meet new people in a unique way. For others, meeting new people only involves shaking hands and saying hi to another person. In a sawmill, meeting new people involves getting to know them well by seeing how they live as sawyers and how they work on different kinds of wood products. In short, you will get to see firsthand how the sawmill industry truly makes a difference – not just for people within a locale, but also for those who are depending on the industry’s finished works.
  • See and experience for yourself how lumber is harvested, processed, and eventually turned into beautiful wood products. You will not just see how lumber is made into beautiful wood products, but also experience it for yourself. From the moment a big tree is cut down into logs, how it’s brought for production, how it’s cut into different wood sizes, how it’s used for different purposes, and how the wood product is finished, you will be guided by professional sawyers into doing all these with your own hands and more.

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  • Learn more about the sawmill industry’s history and culture through exhibits. Ever wondered how the sawmill industry came to be in your locale, nationally, and internationally? Who founded it? What kind of challenges the owner has to go through in order to keep the sawmill operating until now? Learn more about a sawmill’s history and culture by visiting their exhibits, such as those found in The Sawmill Museum at Clinton, Iowa. Even more so, you will also learn that the sawmill industry is more than just cutting down trees for wood products.
  • Explore, camp, hike, and have scenic views of nearby bodies of water. While other sawmills are still limited to field trips and exclusive tours, some are now providing outdoor activities such as camping and hiking. This way, people will not only get to learn more about the sawmill industry, but also enjoy scenic views without going too far in their locale. It also makes people – not just tourists, but also those working in sawmills – realize that the sawmill industry also cares about Mother Nature, despite the belief of others.

Going On Summer Adventures The Healthy Way

summer adventure

Going on summer adventures?

Do it the healthy way.

Here are some tips for you:

  • Bring plenty of fluids. We all know the saying, “eight glasses of water a day helps keep the doctor away.” This doesn’t only apply to water, but also to other types of fluids like juice and smoothies. Going on summer adventures will require you to keep yourself hydrated more often than usual. So, bring plenty of fluids on your trip. Pack in at least 3 bottles of water, 5 cans of fruit juice, and one or two water bottles filled with home-made smoothies (a healthy alternative to soda) that you can make with those found in http://juicerkings.com/best-ninja-blenders/.
  • Pack snacks instead of full meals. The reason for this is quite simple. You won’t be that mindful about eating when going on summer adventures, especially if you’re having so much fun. However, you mustn’t skip meals or let yourself go hungry that much before eating anything. So, pack snacks instead of full meals (to avoid spoilage) on your trip. If you’re feeling hungry, you can eat right away. You can just eat full meals after truly enjoying what you’re doing. But until then, fill yourself up with a snack to replenish your energy.
  • Condition yourself before leaving. And by conditioning yourself, it means getting your body strong enough to withstand adventures that might require one to make full use of his/her body such as deep caving and scuba diving. Aside from that, you also need to get your body adaptable to other extreme adventures such as hiking mountains and rock climbing. So, condition yourself before leaving. Stretch up, jog outside for at least 30 minutes, stretch up again, and just continue to build up your agility, endurance, and strength.
  • Get enough sleep before leaving. Going on summer adventures will definitely be fun. The only downside is that you will usually be sleepless due to excitement or time constraints when travelling to another destination. So, get enough sleep before leaving. Or better yet, get enough sleep whenever you can or wherever you can like when traveling on an airplane, on a ship, or on a bus. Use your free time doing nothing to sleep and recharge your body for the next day’s adventure.

This might work for some, but not for others. Regardless, these pretty much are the basics when going on adventures – let alone, this summer. So, remember: bring plenty of fluids, pack snacks instead of full meals, condition yourself before leaving, and get enough sleep before leaving.

Enjoy your summer vacation!

Make Your Summer an Unforgettable and Inspiring One



The summer months are filled with exciting opportunities for fun, adventures, and relaxation. There are limitless possibilities on how you can make the most of your time. It may even be a great opportunity to explore and learn new things, make some lifestyle changes, or pursue the things you have not had the time to do before. Whether you are seeking growth on a personal or professional level, you can make your summer more fruitful and enjoyable.

Think of something that you want to focus on. Take the time to think of something that you want to focus on. Do you want to broaden your horizon? Do you want to travel or volunteer or do both at the same time? Do you want to upgrade your skills or learn new ones? Summer is a good time to pursue the things that nurtures you mentally, physically, emotionally, or spiritually. If you have been spending the previous months barely maintaining a work-life balance, planning an inspiring summer that involves more time with your family and yourself may be a good idea.

Set a goal. Create a goal that you can realistically work on during the summer. You can choose to align this mini-goal to your long-term goals. Or you can come up with something that may help you achieve personal or work-related goals.

Do something you have not done before. Another great way to plan a great summer is to do something new or out of character. This can be a good opportunity to stretch yourself and discover untapped abilities. Make room for adventure. Sign up for a cooking class or a flying lesson. Do something you have not done before. Or you can do something that you would not normally do.

Go on a vacation. Plan your perfect summer by carving out some time for a vacation. Summer seems incomplete without spending some of your time vacationing either at home or some destination you want to visit. Use your vacation to get your mind off work, focus on yourself and your loved ones, pursue the things you love, and generally have a great time.